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How can I generate a CI1 CCI Canadian Customs Invoice?
How can I generate a CI1 CCI Canadian Customs Invoice?
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SKULabs electronically transfers customs information with most shipment labels generated in SKULabs and only prints a commercial invoice provided by the shipping carrier when instructed by the carrier that one is required.

What is a CCI?

A CCI is only for import to Canada. Canadian border control allows any format of Commercial Invoice that has all of the data required on the "Form CCI".

For all commercial shipments entering Canada, except those described in paragraph 4, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) requires, in English or French, one of the following:

(a) a commercial invoice prepared by any means (typed, handwritten, or computer prepared) giving all the information listed in Appendix A

Exceptions for orders under $2500

Orders under CAD$2500 are normally exempt from having to provide everything the CCI requires on the commercial invoice. You should be able to use a standard commercial invoice or customize your commercial invoice template to add the required fields provided under Appendix A on the CBSA Invoice Requirements.

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