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How do I change my default address validation provider?
How do I change my default address validation provider?
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SKULabs has four options to validate addresses in-app.

  1. Shippo - This is our most robust validation provider where we've continually refined the management of validation responses to handle the most edge cases and correct for subtle invalid address warnings as "invalid" where they make sense.

  2. EasyPost - This provider can return corrections along with validation status. SKULabs is working to implement this provider but it is still in the evaluation and validation stage. "Valid" responses from EasyPost may have important notes that disqualify the address as valid which we don't yet handle. "Valid" responses may also only be valid for the corrected response, not the original response and SKULabs does not yet import or present these corrections in-app. EasyPost offers free address verification with each purchased label but charges $0.01/label beyond that.

  3. FedEx - While it does provide mostly correct responses we have documented several invalid addresses which validate incorrectly or which are invalid despite being valid addresses.

  4. Default - Shippo then fallback to FedEx when Shippo is unavailable.

Until we've completed validation of each integration as a primary provider, we are not at the stage of being able to recommend changing your primary or default provider away from Shippo.

Last Updated: April 2021

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