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What is an invalid address? What is the red house icon next to order numbers?
What is an invalid address? What is the red house icon next to order numbers?

Address validation review and invalid addresses

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When you see this icon, it means the address should be reviewed before shipping.

Why could an address be invalid?

  • The address is not deliverable. Usually an incorrectly entered address.

  • The address is missing an apartment number.

  • The address has excessive abbreviation.

  • The address was not entered in a standardized format.

  • The address is valid but ambiguous because multiple addresses are found that share the same 5-digit ZIP. It is uncertain which address will receive delivery.

How can I manually validate or override an incorrect validation?

On an order-by-order basis, edit the order and change the address type. Don't click "validate" or we'll override your choice. Just click "save" instead.

When you validate an address, we only store the result for 30 days to make sure no major changes have occurred. Manually validating, especially for recurring orders may not be your best option.

Important note about edited orders

When you edit an order for any reason including address changes, we'll no longer receive changes made to the order after that point.

For more details, see editing an order manually.

How to correct invalid addresses in bulk

Under the orders list, click see bad addresses under the yellow banner if available.

Help! Some of my addresses are being incorrectly marked as invalid, what do I do?

As bulk mailers, both you and SKULabs have a duty not to inject mail into the USPS mail stream that will arrive at inactive or full mailboxes. So, if you ever come across even a *single* address that has an issue please let us know so it can be corrected.

As soon as you run into this, paste an order number into chat and we'll begin the following process, 7 days a week:

  1. We review the response from the Validation API providers and cross-check the validation responses.

  2. We make any adjustments to our algorithms that handle these responses, last updated November 2020 but we're always on alert.

  3. We contact Shippo and EasyPost for details on why the address is incorrectly marked invalid.

  4. Within 24-48 hours, we get a report of what the issue is. Usually it's a low-level issue within the USPS where the mailbox was marked full, marked inactive, or some other procedural issue.

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