This address validation icon indicates that an address should be reviewed before shipping the order. It does not always mean that the address is invalid; the address could be valid but still should be reviewed, possibly edited, and manually validated.

Why is the icon displayed?

1. Address is invalid (not deliverable). In this case, manually verifying the address will return invalid. This is usually due to if a customer has entered incorrect address.

2. Valid address with warning (some details aren't fully provided or entered in standardized format. E.g. excessive abbreviation or missing apartment number or missing apartment number prefix). In this case, manually validating the address will provide a valid address but it is uncertain exactly which door the package is to be delivered.

3. Address is valid but ambiguous because multiple addresses are found that share the same 5-digit ZIP. In this case, manually validating the address will provide a valid address, but it is uncertain to which address the package will be delivered.

How can I manually validate or override an incorrect validation?

On an order-by-order basis, manually edit the order and select an address type. If you manually select a type, do not click the validate address button or else the address will be revalidated.

How to validate bad addresses in bulk

From the Processing orders page, click the yellow warning section to expand it, then click on See bad addresses.

You will be presented with a list of orders with invalid addresses to review and correct.

It is important to note what happens when you edit an order manually within SKULabs. After manually editing an order, all future changes to the order must be made within SKULabs and the order will no longer import changes made outside of SKULabs.

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