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How long can I stay signed into SKULabs?
How long can I stay signed into SKULabs?

How long does SKULabs keep me logged in

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs will keep you signed in for up to two weeks at a time before requesting re-authentication while you're in-app providing ample time to avoid any interruption.

Private Browsing / Incognito logout after closing app

Using private browsing or incognito modes prevents persisting any login details between closing the app. To stay signed in while private browsing is enabled, avoid closing the app.

For shared devices with leftover tabs of SKULabs

For the smoothest experience, after logging out you should close out any lingering tabs of SKULabs before logging back in.
โ€‹Need help?
If you are experiencing problems signing into SKULabs, see the troubleshooting guide or reach out to support.

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