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Bypass enhanced tracking protection
Bypass enhanced tracking protection

How to disable enhanced tracking protection on Firefox browser

Updated over a week ago

Certain browser-specific privacy protections like Firefoxs enhanced tracking protection can prevent SKULabs from accessing the required amount of local storage to work on your device correctly. Firefox warns that "Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection sometimes causes websites to display or work incorrectly. For example, some buttons may not work, parts of some pages may be missing, and some pages may not load at all," and recommends reporting problems with any breakage due to blocking.

Recent browser updates can enable these settings or they may be enabled by default on install.

If you are experiencing any of the described or similar behaviors, check that SKULabs is whitelisted from Firefox's enhanced tracking protection. Simply click the shield icon in your address bar and disable the option:

then continue with following the steps in our app and website troubleshooting guide.

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