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How to get your Fedex meter number
How to get your Fedex meter number

Steps to retrieve your Fedex meter number and connecting to SKULabs

Updated over a week ago

To get started with FedEx Web Services, please visit the FedEx Developer Center.

On the Developer Center page, select Fedex Web Services

Next, select Move to production

Click Get Production Key.

Register and accept the terms

On the Application Profile step, choose No to reselling your software, Web Services for the service, and Corporate Developer as your role.

Click Continue.

Read and accept the License Agreement and click Continue once again.

On the Contact Info step, enter your FedEx Account number and verify your contact details.

Next, decide if you want to update your contact info on the Developer Info step and click Continue again.

After submitting the provided information, you will be given your FedEx Meter Number.

Finally, return to SKULabs: and click on Settings > Shipping > Carrier Accounts. From here you can edit your Fedex account or add a new account with your Account number and Meter number.

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