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Updated over a week ago

When connecting your SKULabs Pro account to you may encounter while connecting your account.
To resolve this:
Note: An admin has to be the first person to opt-in and enable for their team.
1. Each user should login at separately using their login method of choice.

2. Once logged in, they should link their SKULabs Pro ( account to their own profile.

3. If you try to link a second user from your SKULabs pro ( account to the same profile you will be prevented from doing so with the error 2PRO1LLOGIN.

4. If you have more than one account, you can easily link both of your profiles in each of those accounts to the same profile then use the account switcher in the top right of the page.

This feature is set up to avoid accidentally linking your picking users into your profile by mistake after you've linked your SKULabs pro user to your user profile. If you've accidentally linked your SKULabs Pro User to the wrong profile, you can go to settings and unlink the SKULabs Pro just like you would to disconnect a Google OAuth connection.

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