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Utility Barcodes

Scanning commands and actions for your barcode scanner

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Utility barcodes are used for various actions during picking and shipping, such as placing an order on hold, or skipping an item's scan verification request during batch picking.

Order picking

While processing a batch order or with the order picking screen open, scan:

  • Force clear order - to mark the order as cleared without affecting inventory.

  • Hold - to put the current order on hold and move on to the next order.

  • Restart - to restart the order, void all labels, and remove all scans.

Shipping (new)

While the shipping screen is up during single order or batch shipping, scan:

  • Read scale - to automatically fill in the weight from your scale

  • Weigh and purchase - to automatically weigh then ship the order, generating a shipping label.

  • Purchase label - to automatically generate a shipping label

  • Get rates - to retrieve rate quotes from your carriers

Batch picking

  • Out of stock - to mark the current item at the current location out of stock.

  • Skip - to pick an item without scanning its actual barcode.

  • Next - mark the current item as fully picked. Only available on batch picking.

  • Restart - to restart the batch and all of its orders, void all labels, and remove all scans.

  • Hold - to remove the current order from the batch, and put it on hold or restart it.

For general instructions on using the printing section, see Items barcode printing.

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