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How to eliminate the 3% credit card fee
How to eliminate the 3% credit card fee

How can I set up payment through ACH?

Updated over a week ago

Credit card companies entice customers into using their services by offering rewards such as X% cash back in hopes of owning your debt accumulation, to be paid back at a higher interest rate.

The percentage that is offered back to you is then passed off to their vendors, and at times a greater fee. This is a win-win for the credit card companies and leaves the consumer with costly interest payments, and the vendors essentially paying the cash back offered to their customers.

While most companies choose to incorporate this into their business model and hike their monthly rates, we encourage our customers to opt-out of this and use alternative means of payment that do not incur any penalties.

Setting up your payments via ACH bank drafts, pre-authorized debits, Google Pay, and even SEPA Debits will ensure an easy, hands free payment method that will not accumulate unnecessary fees for either parties.

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