Chrome settings for silent printing

As an alternative to the SKULabs Print Client, you can bypass the default print preview when printing locally from a browser to save time and unnecessary clicks. This is called "Kiosk mode".

Step 1. Create a desktop shortcut strictly for "Kiosk printing" in Chrome on Windows

  • Create a Chrome desktop shortcut, and rename it to "Chrome Kiosk Printing".

  • Right click the shortcut and click ‘properties’.

  • In the ‘target’ field, scroll to the end of the text string, it should end in something like this: "”

  • At the end of the 'target' field text, type a single space and then copy and paste this code to the end of the field:

    -- kiosk-printing

    Tip: Make sure to include a space after "” before pasting the code in.

  • Click Apply then OK.

  • From now on, when you use this shortcut to open Chrome, any local printing done in the browser will bypass the default printing prompt.

Step 2. Explicitly allow pop-ups

In the top right hand corner of your Chrome browser click the 3 dots to expand the Chrome menu and select Settings toward the bottom.

  • In the search bar at the top, type: "pop-up".

  • Click "Site Settings"

  • Click "Pop-ups and redirects"

  • Ensure that the setting shows "Blocked (recommended)"

  • Underneath this setting, next to "Allow" click "Add" and copy this url: [*.]

  • Click "Add"


Common issues

  • Nothing prints - has a new or different printer been connected? Has your printer changed USB ports and appeared as a new printer on the device? Have you updated your printer drivers? You may need to "change printers"

  • Printing to the wrong printer - has someone moved your printer or workstation? You may need to "change printers"

How to change printers after setting up Kiosk mode

With Chrome in kiosk printing mode and auto print active, you won't have the opportunity to change the printer options so we'll have to reverse the steps taken to set up Kiosk mode.

  1. Right click the Chrome Kiosk Printing shortcut and select properties.

  2. In the 'target' field, delete everything to the right of chrome.exe“

  3. Click Apply then OK.

  4. Open Chrome Settings and set popups to on

  5. Trying printing locally using your browser printing prompt from SKULabs. In print preview change the printer to the one you want and print. That will save the new printer settings.

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