In cases where you may have old or no longer used printers or devices, you can remove them from appearing in SKULabs in two ways:

Deactivate the printer through the Print & Scale Client on the device your printers are connected to:

  1. Open the SKULabs Print & Scale client you have installed on your device.

  2. Under the Active column on the Printers tab, uncheck the box next to the printer you wish to hide.

Remove the device entirely from your PrintNode account.

If you have old computers you can no longer access the SKULabs Print & Scale client from, you can remove the device entirely from appearing through your PrintNode account.

1. Login to your PrintNode account.

Tip: If you have any trouble logging in to the mainsite, you can simply click on the link under the Account tab on the SKULabs Print & Scale client itself to login:

2. Navigate to the Devices page.

3. Under the Computer column, locate the correct device you wish to remove and click the Trashcan icon under "Disconnected".

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