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Canada Post Error: Server - Rejected by SLM Monitor
Canada Post Error: Server - Rejected by SLM Monitor

Rejected by SLM Monitor error

Updated over a week ago

This error can be caused by exceeding the standard limit of requests per minute from Canada Post's servers. It may also occur if Canada Post is experiencing a service outage or undergoing scheduled maintenance.

In most cases, you can typically ship again without issue just waiting a few minutes.

Canada Post normally allows 20 requests per minute via API. This would come down to 5-10 shipments/minute at worst depending on what requests need to be to sent.
Pre-selecting rates instead of choosing to shop for rates before each shipment saves one request per shipment. Shipping internationally may require requesting the label and possibly a customs form if they provide one.

If you encounter this often, you can request a limit increase on your Canada Post account by contacting Canada Post:

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