Occasionally we see completely empty orders come into SKULabs. While you may not wish to fulfill anything on these orders by having the record available you have the option.

Handle status transitions on the sales channel

Shopify has the option to automatically archive orders which have completed payment and fulfillment. This option may be useful for fully digital orders.

Use store settings

BigCommerce has the option in SKULabs to "skip empty orders". Check your store settings in SKULabs to see if there is an option to skip empty orders.

Prevent import of empty orders into SKULabs using rules

By using the action "Don't import order" you can prevent the import of these orders entirely using a similar process as outlined below in "set up shipping rule to tag empty orders"

Temporarily hide orders in SKULabs using rules & tags

When you might need to process some of these orders in SKULabs or if you want the visibility for your support team, you can hide orders from your fulfillment team using tags and filters.

Set up shipping rule to tag empty orders

Set up a shipping rule that assigns tags to orders with 0 line-items as shown in the image below.

2. Use Advanced Filters on order list.

Use Advanced filters to exclude showing orders that contain dropship tag.

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