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EasyPost - Payment Options and Fees
EasyPost - Payment Options and Fees
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EasyPost is a certified partner with many leading shipping carriers around the world and provides up to date APIs and certification with the shipping carriers saving everyone time and money in the process by being a single point of integration.

Credit Card Fees

Most carriers on EasyPost are bring-your-own account where you continue paying your shipping carrier (UPS/FedEx) and continue using your existing account number.
For the USPS, you will need to deposit funds into your EasyPost account to pay for your shipping labels. If you deposit funds using credit card instead of bank account (ACH), you will encounter a credit card convenience fee but at the time of writing this article there is no fee for bank/ACH deposits. Still, It is recommended to use your credit card as a back up payment method to prevent interruption to shipping.

For information regarding how to add funds to your EasyPost account, please contact [email protected] or review EasyPost's FAQ.

Label Fees

EasyPost offers a variety of plans to meet your needs. For most new accounts your first 10,000 labels each month are free. Be sure to create your account through our referral link in order to avoid as many label fees as you can through our partnership.

Address Validation Fee

SKULabs provides free address validation for US addresses through other services. Addresses validated via EasyPost are subject to address verification fee from EasyPost.

Don't have an EasyPost account yet?

An EasyPost account is free, be sure to use this link to create your account to take advantage of the best offers made exclusively available through SKULabs.


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