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Flash selling with SKULabs
Flash selling with SKULabs
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You've recently sold at a pace of more than 100 orders/minute.

This level of sales counts as a flash sale and this guide is to help you make sure your store is correctly configured to support flash sales.

It is always best to check with the team at SKULabs before implementing major changes to your stock rules.

Things to check

From the inventory page, go ahead and sort by your "reserved" column on your inventory tab and double-check your inventory counts for your most heavily reserved items are correct. You can select items from the inventory list and create cycle counts now.
Sort by the "free" column and look for anything that might be oversold or heavily pre-ordered. If you have any incidents of overselling, please let us know what SKU and an example order number that you think is one that should not have sold. Read more about overselling.

Make sure your stock rules are not set to simply sync your "free" inventory count. Using this default rule of "free" leaves zero room for error, offers no safety stock for exchanges, and is known to be incompatible with stores that have flash sales. For the most extreme of flash sellers, you likely want to engage our enterprise team for our "enterprise stock rule" program which enables our team to monitor and optimize your stock sync according to your particular flash sale concerns like anti-bot and automatic safety stock releases. Contact support for more information.

Making use of the skip stock rule

In some cases, one strategy to combat flash sales is making use of the skip stock rule. This rule disables SKULabs from pushing any further stock syncs to the selected listing and can be enabled temporarily for the duration of the flash sale to allow your sales channel's own inventory levels to remain in charge and avoid any overselling.

Premium flash selling support

If you believe you need advanced flash selling support, our team can actively monitor your flash sales and work with your team to build a stock sync strategy that will ensure you meet your sales objectives. Contact support for more details about our Custom Enterprise Stock Rule and premium flash selling support.

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