Bundling can offer your customers a number of options during the shopping and checkout process that help your bottom line by making larger purchases easier.

  • Product configurators

  • Ability to mix-and-match for a discount

  • Bulk quantity discounts

  • Pre-configured savings bundles

Many apps and built-in features on your shopping cart software are compatible with SKULabs out of the box while others are going to be incompatible.

Pre-configured bundles

If you have bundles that are pre-configured, convert these to Kits in SKULabs to appropriately deduct and reserve inventory for the multiple components in the bundle.

Choosing a bundling plugin

Ideally you want to choose a plugin that can add products to the cart during/after checkout or a plugin that will create a combination unique variant/product for each combination during checkout. In either case you can link those products correctly in SKULabs after import. If you have a popular bundle plugin or a feature of your shopping cart or market place you think we should support, please contact [email protected]. We're compatible with most built-in features of shopping carts already.

What to avoid in bundling apps and plugins

It's complicated but the basics are you can't use an app that uses the same product to represent multiple combinations of other products and you can't use an app that creates temporary products that are immediately deleted after the checkout.


My bundles are coming across as one line item in SKULabs

If the product has a unique SKU for this collection of items in the bundle, you can link this to a "Kit" in SKULabs. All future orders with that same SKU/variant will be linked to that Kit too making your bundling app compatible with SKULabs.

After configuring your bundle as a Kit, try ordering that combination of items again then see if either of the next cases apply.

My bundles are showing up as "unlinked listings" in SKULabs

Try setting up a Kit to represent this combination of items then linking it. Create a second order with the same set of items in the bundle. If this second order comes across as "unlinked", your bundle plugin is probably creating a temporary product and deleting it after checkout. Generally, SKULabs is incompatible with plugins that do this. Convert the order to a manual order to regain control of the order and add the correct items to the order.

See "Choosing a bundling plugin" for tips on choosing a compatible bundle app.

All of my bundles are showing up as the same kit/item in SKULabs

Your bundle plugin may be re-using the same product every checkout. Convert this order to a manual order to regain control and add the correct items to the order.

See "Choosing a bundling plugin" for tips on choosing a compatible bundle app.

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