BigCommerce is our third-most popular integration at SKULabs and we have excellent support for the features BigCommerce offers to it's sellers. This page is a supplementary resource to our in-app guidance for BigCommerce sellers.

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Upcoming: July 2020 "Awaiting Shipment" and "Awaiting Pickup" update

BigCommerce says orders in these statuses have been packaged and are ready for pickup by the shipping carrier or customer. In SKULabs, this best aligns with the "Shipped" status. In July 2020, we will begin treating these orders as if they were "Shipped". If you do not scan-deduct, ship-deduct, or auto-deduct these orders they will release their reserves.

July 2020 default status import update

SKULabs will now import by default "Awaiting Shipment", "Partially Refunded", and "Awaiting Pickup" orders in addition to the previous settings. If you're using our default statuses and want to restore existing functionality use the following status list in your settings.

Awaiting Fulfillment

Awaiting Payment


Partially Shipped



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