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SKULabs Webhooks - Introduction
SKULabs Webhooks - Introduction
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Webhooks launched April 2024 on SKULabs Next.
Note: For the duration of the preview, all of your team will need to use SKULabs for your webhooks to trigger.

How do I add a webhook?

Go to your API settings. Settings -> Advanced -> API

What can I add a webhook for?

Right now you can add webhooks for order.status changes but we plan on adding a lot more very rapidly on request.

How are webhooks billed?

Webhooks are billed like a normal API call. Most plans come with API calls. If you run out of API calls, we'll retry the webhook later.

What happens if my website is down?

SKULabs will retry the webhook many times before giving up. We plan on fine-tuning this algorithm but it has built in exponential fallback and auto-recovers just like sync. Currently, this is configured to outlast a 24+ hour outage at your end.

What is in the POST/PUT/DELETE payload?

SKULabs sends a payload containing application/json data with { type, data }. Data will vary by event type. As we expand support throughout the app, we plan on further documenting these payloads.

What is in the GET request parameters?

SKULabs will append "?type=order.status&data={json_payload}" to the query string parameters. Again, the data payload will vary by webhook type.

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