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How to connect QuickBooks Online to SKULabs
How to connect QuickBooks Online to SKULabs

Sync inventory costs, shipping charges, and other figures to QuickBooks effectively

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SKULabs integrates with QuickBooks Online, making it easier than ever to consolidate and ensure assets, expenses, and other figures are flowing across your multi-channel business.

For more information on what SKULabs can sync to QuickBooks Online:

How to connect QuickBooks Online to SKULabs:

  1. Make sure you have subscribed to QuickBooks Online Plus or Advanced plan because some QuickBooks API features are not supported on the QuickBooks Online Essentials subscription.

  2. In QuickBooks, go to the Sales settings page and select Edit next to "Sales form content". In the list of settings that appears, make sure that "Shipping" is enabled and select Save.

  3. In QuickBooks, navigate to the Taxes page and select Set up sales tax. Learn more about sales tax setup in QuickBooks Online here.

  4. In SKULabs, go to the add QuickBooks page and select Connect to QuickBooks.

  5. Optionally enable SKULabs to overwrite inventory levels in QuickBooks by navigating to your stock sync settings. Warning: Before enabling, make sure you've read and understand how SKULabs acts as a master of inventory, and that any items or kits you've linked to QuickBooks listings have up-to-date inventory counts.

  6. In SKULabs, configure your accounting settings to choose the data you want to sync to QuickBooks Online.

Note: SKULabs supports connecting multiple QuickBooks accounts to sync orders and listings inbound (from QuickBooks into SKULabs).

Outbound sync to multiple QuickBooks accounts is not currently supported. If you have multiple QuickBooks company accounts, each account should be treated separately and connected individually to SKULabs.

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