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How to create and edit the items stock import CSV file
How to create and edit the items stock import CSV file
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Creating/Editing an Item Stock Import CSV

Whether you are editing an Items Stock export from SKULabs, are using an export from a separate platform, or are building a new template from scratch–when working with CSV's, it is import to make sure all column headers and cell values are accurate and that you only include the information you wish to update.

The Item Stock import CSV can use the following columns:

  • SKU - The stock keeping unit used to refer to the item in SKULabs.

  • Warehouse - The name of the warehouse to assign stock.

  • Location - The picking location within the warehouse where stock for a SKU can be found. Enter "DELETE" to remove picking location names from the given warehouse.

  • On Hand (optional) - The number of on hand units in stock in the Warehouse/Location. This column header is optional if the Alert column is already included.

  • Alert (Optional) - The quantity at which an item is considered low in stock. This column header is optional if the On Hand column is already included. If included, but the cells are left blank, the alert value of an item will default to either 10 or your account's Default Alert Level.

  • Reason (Optional) - Reason for the adjustment in stock that will show in logs.

  • Remove (Optional) - Enter "REMOVE" to remove an item from the given location.

Depending on the information you wish to import, your template should look similar to this:

How to Update Picking Locations without updating stock quantities

If you only want to update your item's picking locations without updating stock quantities, create an Items Stock CSV with only the following columns:

  • SKU

  • Warehouse

  • Location

  • Alert

Once your file has been created and edited, you can import the item stock CSV.

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