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Upcoming USPS changes (Updated: October 2022)
Upcoming USPS changes (Updated: October 2022)
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Separate from peak season surcharges, the USPS has several pending changes to package service that have wide-reaching impacts (mostly good) to your operations. In preparation for any potential upcoming changes introduced by the USPS, we will prepare in the following ways:
1. In the event of any upcoming changes to new included insurance offerings for First Class by the USPS, we'll communicate how to best utilize those services with shipping rules in advance.

2. If you currently have a credit card fee waiver with EasyPost or Shippo, now would be the time to connect your Bank Account to avoid any 3% credit card deposit surcharges within the coming days to weeks.

3. Keep an eye on your inbox or in-app chat for recommend shipping rule changes in the event any service types change name (breaking your method mapping) or if for instance first class package service is raised to support up to 70 lbs.

We will reach out separately as individual changes are rolled out in the coming days and months by the USPS. Once the changes are live, we will announce them and you can reach out to support if you were to need help correcting your shipping rules and defaults.

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