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Switching primary carriers
Switching primary carriers

Steps to ensure seamless integration when changing your primary shipping carrier

Updated over a week ago

As the industry changes, you might find that you want to switch your primary shipping carrier to a different service. Follow the outlined steps in this article to ensure a seamless transition!

Add your new carrier:

Refer to this article for steps to add a carrier to SKULabs

Create a test label:

Test a label for your new carrier to ensure everything is working as expected.

Refer to this article on how to void labels: How to void shipments on orders

Ensure your stores are connected to the carrier:

Navigate to settings > shipping > carrier accounts and select which stores will use your various carriers.

Check your stores:

Double-check your sales channels settings to ensure the "Method" from the orders doesn't still use the old carrier. This includes Marketplace shipping profiles, and eCommerce shipping/rating settings.

Check your shipment memories:

Navigate to settings > shipping > shipment memories and make sure nothing defaults to your old carrier. Contact us if you would like us to completely clear the memory settings.

Check shipping method links:

Navigate to settings > shipping > shipping method links and make necessary changes that will reflect your new main carrier and delete anything that might inaccurately choose the old one.

Check your shipping rules:

Navigate to settings > shipping > rules and make sure your old carrier is not referenced in any active rules that might conflict with your new carrier.

Check each individual stores settings:

Navigate to your dashboard and select a store, scroll down to shipping defaults and settings. Browse through each of the selections to ensure they are set up as desired.

(Note: this must be done for each individual store)

By running through this checklist, you can be confident you're ready for shipping at scale after switching between major carriers!

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