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Does SKULabs offer a Service-level agreement (SLA)?
Does SKULabs offer a Service-level agreement (SLA)?
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SKULabs offers real-time visibility for your account health and our overall service health.

Account Health Dashboard

From within your account, your dashboard offers access to this real-time view that matches our service level goals where your stores should always remain "green". Our technical team is automatically notified when there are service issues with an improbable number of stores from the same sales channel. SKULabs knows when your marketplace is down before the marketplace knows and at the same time, we automatically recover from almost all faults at your shopping cart or marketplace.

See your dashboard inside your account.


We're available 7 days a week by a mixture of chat, email, and phone. Typical hours are 9am-7pm but we're frequently available for our customers in the eastern hemisphere during your business hours semi-regularly.
Before any new chat, you can see expected response times calculated in real time. If the chat response time is too long, give us a call and we're here to help right away.
Overall, check our reviews to see what others think of our customer support team and their availability.

Dedicated Account Manager

Create a single point of contact for your implementation. This can enable your team(s) to coordinate directly with us and still have cohesion across your entire operations' onboarding to SKULabs. Gain access to a dedicated account manager for a fixed monthly fee, inquire about availability of a dedicated account manager by calling (800) 243-2986.

Premium Support

Included with your Enterprise plan and available for a fee on the Pro plan, we will track your tickets against our internal SLOs and be able to provide more hands-on assistance than we're able to provide under our standard support offering.

Platform Health

99.9984% uptime September 2021 - August 2022

The SKULabs platform is highly-scalable, configured with automatic failover, backed up in multiple regions, has automatic capacity provisioning, proactive automated behaviors, and advanced monitoring.

Average response times are better than competitive solutions. Individual accounts concurrently fulfill thousands of shipments per hour and we've seen surges of 1200 orders imported per second. Our MongoDB document database is fast, processing 1.6M documents/second with read times of less than 1ms.

See our status page for real-time statistics on how long it takes to sync, use SKULabs, and how frequently we're serving errors.

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