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IOSS, VAT, and SKULabs
IOSS, VAT, and SKULabs
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On July 1st, shipping carriers, ecommerce marketplaces, and shopping carts will all need to make changes to how orders to much of the world are sent.

eBay, for instance, will begin collecting VAT for orders within specific dollar ranges on your behalf.

Payer Tax ID

SKULabs will automatically import either eBays or your own Federal Tax ID on eBay orders depending on when eBay pays or you pay the VAT. For other channels we may import payer tax IDs when otherwise possible.

SKULabs has also implemented tax ID fields throughout the app in order to automatically use your Tax ID when needed.

  1. Using the tax identifier feature. How to set up tax identifiers

  2. Using shipping rules to "Set tax identifier" or "Set tax ID" on orders.

  3. Setting your store's origin address tax IDs. How do I change my store's origin and return address?

Buyer Tax ID

From certain supported channels we automatically import the buyer's tax ids. You can also input and edit the buyer tax ID by creating or editing orders in SKULabs.

These tax ids on the order are for inputting the buyer's tax id used in communication with the shipping carriers about who is receiving your products. It is sometimes required and automatically imported when possible.

Late support by carriers

Some carriers and marketplaces are late or will not meet the deadline in time and that is why we've provided shipping rules to provide more control over how your orders are shipped. As the shipping carriers, shopping carts, and marketplaces roll out full support for tax IDs, SKULabs will be implementing these changes.

What alternatives do I have?

If your carrier already supports tax IDs, set your "incoterm" or tax IDs using shipping rules to handle unusual scenarios not supported by the built-in tax_id loading from eBay and other channels.

If your carrier does not support tax IDs yet and you need them, reach out to support.

We're not accountants

We can help you set up tax IDs in SKULabs but we're unable to provide tax advice.

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