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Tax Identifiers
Learn how to manage tax identifiers and apply them to shipments.
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Tax identifiers allow you to meet international shipping and customs requirements when creating shipments and can be easily managed within SKULabs.

First, go to the Tax Identifiers page to manage, add, update and remove tax identifiers. A tax identifier contains the following attributes:

  • Name - an optional description of the tax identifier

  • Entity - the party the tax identifier is issued to. e.g. Sender or Receiver

  • Tax ID - tax identification number

  • Type - the type of the tax identification number, e.g. IOSS, EORI, VAT, etc.

  • Issuing country - the country that issued the tax identification number

Next, create a shipping rule with filter criteria as desired, "Set tax identifier" as the action, and the tax identifier as your action parameter.

You will then notice the tax identifiers in the package information section when creating a shipment.

Please contact SKULabs support if you have any questions.

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