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How to Reach Out for Help in SKULabs
How to Reach Out for Help in SKULabs

What is the preferred method of contact and what type of support does my plan offer?

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SKULabs offers several methods of customer support to cater to your needs. Whether you have a simple question, are experiencing technical difficulties, or dealing with an emergency, you'll find help just a click or a phone call away.

Chat Support:

Our chat support is the primary and most recommended method for reaching out. These are visible by the entire team and you can chat with us for prompt, real-time help. Please provide as much detail as you can including order numbers, SKU's, and any other relevant information that our team might need to investigate further.

Steps to Access Chat Support:

  1. Log in to your SKULabs account.

  2. Navigate to the upper-right corner of your dashboard and click on your login name to access the dropdown box.

3. Click on contact us. A chat window will open.

4. Type your question or describe your issue in the chat box.

5. Click the arrow icon at the bottom to submit your message.

A representative will typically respond in under 20 minutes during our business hours.

Call Support

We understand that every minute counts when you're dealing with an emergency. Our team will strive to provide the quickest and most effective solution possible. Call support for emergency situations is available 24/7. If you're experiencing a major issue that needs immediate attention, please don't hesitate to give us a call. How can I get assistance in an emergency?

It's still typically best to provide any information about your issue beforehand in chat or by emailing [email protected] with order numbers, SKU's, or any other relevant data. This helps our support team investigate and assist more effectively. You can mark the chat as urgent.

Do different plans offer tiered or levels of support?

We regard every question and concern with equal importance, from a small start-up business to our top sellers. In times of high volume it is sometimes necessary to prioritize based on the account plan each customer holds. Below you can view what type of support comes with each of our various packages.
You can read more here: Does SKULabs offer a Service-level agreement (SLA)?

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