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How to reconcile stock for an item
How to reconcile stock for an item

Making inventory adjustments with specific reasons

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SKULabs allows you to reconcile inventory and leave a reason in your logs so you know what happened later on.โ€‹

  1. Open any item's details'

  2. Look on the Stock panel for a "Reconcile stock" button.

  3. Set the type of reconciliation.

    1. "Set" will change the stock level to the quantity you enter

    2. "Increase" adds the quantity you enter on top of the existing inventory

    3. "Decrease" removes the quantity you enter from the existing inventory

  4. Choose the warehouse to reconcile stock for and enter a reason or add notes

  5. click save

For example, if you're removing blemished or damaged units from inventory, use "Decrease" and enter the number of damaged units.

Your log will reflect this change!

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