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The contacts page
The contacts page

Viewing and managing your customer contacts.

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The Customers tab on the Contacts page is where you can view and manage your sales channel customers. To see additional information about a customer, such as a list of recently placed orders, select the customer's name from the table.

Importing Customer Information From Sales Channels

By default, SKULabs automatically creates customers using orders from your sales channels.

Available Actions

A number of actions can be performed on this tab, including:

  • Add customer: This allows you to quickly create a new customer with a unique name and address.

  • Filters: You can filter what is shown in the customer table by tag or store.

  • Tags: You can add tags to or remove tags from selected customers by toggling the tags in this menu. Select Manage tags to add or edit available tags.

  • Search: This allows you to search for customers by their name or tags.

Customers Table

Your sales channel contacts are laid out in a table. This table can be sorted by any of the following columns:

  • Name: The full name of the customer.

  • Company: The company name of the customer.

  • Tags: The tags, if any, that this customer is organized under.

  • # Orders: The total number of orders that the customer has placed.

  • Last Order: The date and time of the most recent order placed by the customer.

  • Spent: The total amount in item sales among orders placed by the customer.

The Customer Details Page

  • Notes: View any notes made for the customer.

  • Price Lists: Set custom prices for items per customer.

  • Orders: View past and present order history for the customer.

  • Activity: View recent contact activity for this customer. You can search for activity or changes by the type of change, the date that the change was made, or by the user who performed the action.

Import Customers From Sales Channels

How are contacts used in SKULabs?

Please note SKULabs is not a CRM or marketing tool and can not be used to send marketing emails. Contacts in SKULabs are useful for quickly creating orders for repeat customers. Customer tags can be attributed and used for order filters to prioritize orders from specific customers.

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