Importing Contacts in Bulk with CSV

By default, SKULabs automatically saves customers to your Contacts page using information from your sales channels orders. If you want to import a larger list of past or potential clients from your sales channels, the simplest method is importing them in bulk using a CSV file.

To import contacts and customer details into SKULabs:

1. Export your customer information from the sales channel you wish to import to SKULabs. This is typically exported as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel.

2. Create a new Import CSV file using the following desired fields as column headers:

Required fields

  • Name

  • E-mail

Optional fields

  • Phone

  • Company

  • Street

  • Street 2

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Country

  • Price Lists - Comma separated price lists (case sensitive).

  • Tags - Comma separated customer tags (case sensitive).

3. Copy the information from the appropriate columns of your external store's exported CSV into the desired columns of the new Import CSV you created and save it.

4. From the Import/Export Contact page, under the Imports section, click on the Customers button.

5. Upload your Import CSV file using the Upload CSV file button.

6. You're all finished! We recommend double checking your customers page to verify everything imported correctly.

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