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How do I check if my item barcodes are correct?
How do I check if my item barcodes are correct?

How to check if your product has the right barcodes assigned

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SKULabs automatically creates items with the same SKUs and barcodes you set up on your sales channels. If you'd like to check whether a physical barcode is correctly assigned to an item in SKULabs, there are many helpful places in the app which can help!

Can I scan that item with the scanner?

Absolutely! Just make sure your scanner is connected to your device first. You can confirm this by scanning any barcode into a note or document on your device where you would normally use a keyboard and ensuring some form of input is returned/typed out for you.

Tip: If you're having trouble connecting, try our troubleshooting scanners walkthrough.

Where do I go in SKULabs to check the item is scanning correctly?

Scanning a barcode while on the basic or advanced item pages, the search bar on the top right of your screen will pull up that item by matching its barcode. Scanning on the receive/deduct tabs will populate the item in the list.

If your item appears, you're all set, the barcode is assigned correctly. If it doesn't, try locating that item by SKU using the top right search bar and checking it's details.

Tip: If you can't find the item from its SKU, check out our troubleshooting listings article or reach out in chat for more help!

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