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How to add additional barcodes to items and kits
How to add additional barcodes to items and kits

Alternate barcodes and extra barcodes for items and kits in SKULabs

Updated over a week ago

SKULabs supports giving any items or kits additional barcodes.

This can help if your suppliers or manufacturers provide different barcodes than the one's you use to track inventory and fulfill orders.

To create additional barcodes for an item or kit, navigate to any it's details page by using the main search bar or clicking on its name in the appropriate table:

Scroll down until you see the Additional Barcodes panel and click the Add barcode button:

On the screen that appears, simply enter or copy the additional barcodes you want to be able to scan and associate with this item (one per line). Click Add barcodes when you're done.

The barcodes that are associated with this item or kit will then be shown in the Additional Barcodes panel in a table. If you no longer need to associate a barcode with this item, select the Delete button on a barcodes row to remove it.

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