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How to recreate a kit as an item
How to recreate a kit as an item

How to change a kit into an item

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Kits in SKULabs are originally created out of items. When a listing sync is run, it will automatically build an item first, from which you can then convert into a kit. If you are looking to change a kit back into an item SKU, here's how:
To recreate a Kit as an item SKU:

  • Delete the kit, (component items will not be affected)

  • Create a new item for that SKU (Inventory > Items > New Item)

  • Manually link the item to its listing.

  • Alternatively, depending on your stores setting, you could also simply run a listings sync to reimport the listing, thus automatically building and linking the item automatically.

Please contact SKULabs support if you have additional questions on this.

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