Filters help streamline many processes in SKULabs by quickly showing or hiding specific groups of information like orders or items from the table being viewed based on store, status, tag, type, etc.

Each user has their own filter settings which can be configured by themselves or Administrators and are accessed through the filters menu above the table itself.

Configuring filters allows the flexibility to easily focus on the most relevant data to complete an intended task and avoids the cognitive load of manually filtering smaller groups of information against unrelated orders or item information.

If ever needed, users can always easily change or reset their filter settings to view all available data at once.

"Orders not displayed due to filters."

When filters are applied and filtering results, the prompt at the bottom-left corner of the table will inform you and allows for quickly resetting filters to show all.

Configure and reset your filters via the Filters menu above the table itself:

If you believe your filters are hiding orders from view, you can read additional information about how to view all processing orders.

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