If you are noticing missing or incorrect values on tables within SKULabs, a good first place to start diagnosing the issue is by confirming your filters are configured properly.

Filters are a helpful way to show and hide specific information from your stores and items to streamline processes in SKULabs, but can often be overlooked when seeing things that don't seem to line up. Here is how to recognize and reset any problems caused by current filter settings.

"Orders not displayed due to filters."

When filters are hiding rows from view on a table in SKULabs, there will be a prompt at the bottom of the table to inform you and allow you to quickly reset your filters.

You can also configure and reset your filters via the Filters menu above the table itself:

Double check that your filters are set to show the appropriate store, status, tag, type, etc. and click Apply filters to set.

If you believe your filters are hiding orders from view, you can read additional information about how to view all processing orders.

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