What is order redaction?
Redaction will replace specific fields containing sensitive order information to limit the breadth of PII that is accessible within your SKULabs account at any given time.

What are the recommended settings?
It is recommended to redact orders 30 days after shipment.

Why do certain stores (Amazon) prevent changing these settings?
Certain stores mandate specific redaction settings. For tax purposes on these channels, we recommend exporting to encrypted cold storage per their policies on retention in excess of these limits. Contact your store's support for details.

How do I change my order redaction settings?

Under each store's settings in SKULabs you can find the deletion and redaction settings in the bottom of the page. Go to settings, then open one of your stores to view a store's settings. It is recommended to take a full order export before you enable redaction for the first time if you joined at a time when this setting was not enabled by default.

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