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How to track inventory stored in WFS or other 3PL warehouses
How to track inventory stored in WFS or other 3PL warehouses

How to track and automatically deduct Walmart WFS or other 3PL orders

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You can track your WFS inventory or other 3PLs, even in cases where your 3PL does not offer APIs or is not directly integrated within SKULabs:

Create a new warehouse in your SKULabs account with the most recent stock counts your 3PL reports to you. Using a separate warehouse enables easily distinguishing inventory counts in your local warehouse from the inventory counts stored in a 3PL warehouse.

Whenever you send inventory to the 3PL, simply use a transfer order or receive the inventory into the virtual 3PL warehouse you created. If you are sending inventory from the stock counts in your local warehouses, be sure to account for the inventory which is leaving your local warehouse.

To automatically deduct 3PL orders, create a shipping rule that assigns an auto-deduction location for these orders. An example rule in the case of WFS orders exists below.

  • Depending on your shipping / deduction preference, you can set shipping rule filters to target only dropshipped or all orders.

  • Use the "Assign automatic deduction location" action and set your 3PL warehouse as the parameter.

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