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What are listing rules?
What are listing rules?
Updated over a week ago

SKULabs provides rules for each of your individual listings, allowing fine grained control to manage how your listings behave.

Listing rules are often used for things such as:

How to update listing rules individually

  1. In SKULabs, navigate to Inventory page > Listings tab

  2. Search or filter to the listing you want to update and click on its name

  3. Find the Listing Rules panel and click on the edit button

  4. Enter the new rule and click save

Tip: To find all listings linked to a specific item SKU in SKULabs, open the item's details, then scroll to the Listings panel. From there, open each listing to edit its listing rules as needed.

How to update listing rules in bulk

This can also be done in bulk by using a Listing rules CSV import on the Imports/Exports page.

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