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How does SKULabs import Shopify products?
How does SKULabs import Shopify products?
Updated over a week ago

Shopify supports integration settings that allow you to specify which product listings are imported. You can choose to import listings by the published status on Shopify:

  1. Only active products

  2. Both active and draft products

  3. All Active/draft/archived products

How to change your Shopify product status import option

  1. Go to settings > stores

  2. Click on your Shopify store name

  3. Scroll down and click on the Access credentials & integration settings panel

  4. On the right column, under Products, choose the option for "Imported product status"

If products are managed and fulfilled by a dropshipper, you can also set them up directly on your sales channel:

Beyond these options, we can further help decide importing specific products; this requires connecting your store to initialize data for an account review.

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