It is strongly recommended that you import any/all fulfillable or potentially fulfillable orders from your sales channels, regardless of the orders financial status. This is especially important if you use SKULabs to Sync Stock across sales channels.

Importing all orders allows SKULabs to allocate/reserve inventory as soon an order is imported and helps prevent overselling. If you use SKULabs to Sync Stock and have configured SKULabs to exclude pending or authorized orders, you are going to oversell.

SKULabs has built in default and configurable solutions that prevent users from shipping any unpaid orders that we consider "pending".

These solutions include:

  1. By default, prompting shippers with a warning confirmation when attempting to ship any pending orders.

  2. By default, preventing any pending orders from being included in batches.

  3. Configurable shipping rules to tag orders according to the orders channel status.

  4. Configurable order filters to exclude orders with specific tags.

SKULabs considers any order in the following Shopify order statuses as "pending":

  • unpaid

  • pending

  • new

  • awaiting payment

  • declined

  • disputed

  • incomplete

  • manual verification required

  • authorized

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