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How to merge items
How to merge items

Merge duplicate items to link listings from two items together

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When to merge items

When importing listings to create your SKULabs item catalog, you may sometimes notice duplicate items appearing for the same product.

This is the result of listing the same product on your sales channels under different SKUs, thus creating duplicate items when imported into SKULabs.

Actions > merge items allows you to select a primary item SKU to merge other items and their linked listings into. All other items will be deleted and have their listings re-linked to the primary SKU you choose.

This is useful for quickly removing duplicate items created by listings for the same product and linking those listings together onto one item.

How to merge items

1. From the Inventory > Items page, select two or more items which represent the same product.

2. Select the Merge items option from the Actions menu:

3. In the Merge items window, you can view the different items selected to merge as well as the listings currently linked to them.

Choose which item SKU you wish to preserve after the merge takes places and click the "Delete _ items and merge listings into the selected item" button to complete the process.

NOTE: Merging items only preserves inventory data for the item SKU that is chosen as the primary item to remain after the merge takes place. All items that are merged into the primary item will lose their historical inventory, kit, and supplier item data.

Another approach to dealing with duplicate items is to simply unlink and relink the listings manually and is covered in this article:

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