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Recent changes to the Amazon buyer requested cancellation process
Recent changes to the Amazon buyer requested cancellation process
Updated over a week ago

Amazon has announced "changes" to the buyer requested cancellation process.

What is changing?

How cancellation requests are communicated to Amazon sellers on Seller Central.

As far as we understand, Amazon sellers will continue to receive email for buyer-initiated cancellation requests. Amazon additionally added a banner on the "Manage orders" page to bring attention to cancellation requests on Seller Central.

What is not changing?

How cancellation requests are processed.

"Buyer-initiated" cancellation requests will continue to email your team and you can decide what to do with those requests the same as you are doing today. The very best strategy is to request that the customer formally cancel the order under "Your Orders" on Amazon as these are "unofficial cancellations" and will impact your cancelation rate if you cancel them on behalf of the buyer.

Amazon says you can additionally send a "critical message":

"If the buyer doesn’t respond to your request in the buyer-seller messaging tool, you can send a critical message. Your email will be delivered to a buyer even if they have opted out of non-critical messages."

Whether or not SKULabs adds the ability to see buyer initiated cancelation requests within SKULabs in the future does not impact the existing buyer-initiated cancellation process you were already running prior to these API/Reporting updates being made available.

What's new in SKULabs once these changes takes effect on Amazon's end?

During regular order sync, Amazon orders with buyer cancellation request:

  • Are automatically assigned "Cancellation Requested" tag to orders

  • Are automatically added order notes including the SKU being cancelled and reason for cancellation.

This will help bring attention to pickers to prevent accidentally shipping orders/items requested to be cancelled.

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