This article provides instructions on how to resolve the following errors:

We cannot process this request because your account is still being setup or there is an issue with the account. Please log in to Seller Central for more details.

Access to requested resource is denied. Unauthorized.

We had trouble connecting to your amazon store:

Error encountered when refreshing Restricted Data Token (RDT)

These errors usually affects newer Amazon Seller accounts or accounts in the process of being reinstated that have not yet completed the Amazon Seller account setup and verification process.

How to resolve

You must contact Amazon Seller Support and inform them that you're receiving an error that indicates that "your account is still being setup" while connecting the Amazon store to a third-party software. Then, request that you would like to complete the verification of the seller account and they will guide you from there. Note that the verification process may take several days or a few weeks depending on the account. Therefore, expect to wait a number of days.

If you're experiencing these errors on Amazon stores that have been connected to SKULabs for a while, reauthorize your Amazon store first, then contact Amazon seller support if that does not resolve the issue.

For additional assistance, please feel free to reach out to SKULabs support.

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